MMSI Registration and management

What is a Maritime Mobile Safety Identity (MMSI) Number?

Every fixed mount VHF radio manufactured after 1999 has digital selective calling (DSC) capability. DSC-VHF radios require the implementation of a new system of identification called the Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) numbers in order to take advantage of their full capabilities.

An MMSI number functions much like a phone number and allows boaters with DSC-VHF radios to make a touch-of-a-button emergency call that automatically transmits vital information to all other DSC-VHF radios within the caller's area.

When connected to a Global Positioning System (GPS) the radio will transmit the caller's position and type of distress and display it as an icon on the chart plotters of boats that receive the call. The system then determines the distance and heading to the distressed vessel, thus allowing nearby boaters to assist in cases where they are closer than the U.S. Coast Guard (please follow the instructions of the U.S. Coast Guard in all emergency situations.). Additionally, MMSI numbers allow boaters to connect directly to other boaters and marine assistance dispatchers with DSC-VHF radios, which will decrease the amount of traffic on commonly used radio channels.

When installed in your DSC-VHF radio, MMSI numbers can be used by the U.S. Coast Guard for search and rescue purposes within Rescue21 service areas.

If you have received a MMSI number from Sea Tow in the past you can manage it via this site.

If you would like to register for a new MMSI number please visit the U.S. Power Squadron MMSI registration site.